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Community builds a toolbox  
October 21st, 2016

For twenty years 9Muses Art Center has been in this community to provide peace and comfort for people who needed it. A creative place to explore ways to improve life, for people trying to lift themselves from many challenges. And so like any homecoming, any family reunion, this community has come together to produce the show you see today. Production had the energy of an old fashion barn raising. Many different people doing many different activities; the snipping sound of multiple scissors carving through calendar, books, and magazines (shredded across the floor). The cries for more glue as they layered image after image onto cardboard boxes.  Many people (instructors and students) were on hand to provide support, advise and listen to frustrated artists trying to figure out how to get things to stick to their boxes. There was also the laughter and chatter of members enjoying the process and commenting on each other’s work.

 Wellness Assembly, in short, is a community in action, modeling the mission of this center, you are invited to take the time, explore the toolboxes not only for what they mean to the members but also what they mean to you.   

Member Describes Behavioral Health Concepts

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