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Art Exhibit, Fine Arts

November 14 - December 5, 2014

STEP BY STEP - Gaining the Skills of an Artist

Moving forward in art comes by committing oneself to the learning process. Each student finds their technique; each finds their own style and conceptual meaning.

For Pam Alaniz, Art Instructor for 9MusesArtCenter, "the best part of being an instructor is to be inspired by the artists, watching the improvement in their work and their dedication to art".

Each course develops techniques that both support and challenge the artist toward deeper growth.

"Be bold! Take a pencil in hand, get the basics down and see what happens! Life drawing is all about scale, everything fits in its place. Be gentle with watercolors. You can layer acrylics as much as you want, but pastels require applying color with a hand that doesn't smudge the image."

The artist is challenged by exploring various techniques while maintaining their individual style.
What steps are ahead? Like any contemporary, an artist absorbs the constructive criticism of their peers. They further develop a style and a body of work. The work becomes a solo show in the Coccuza Gallery and the member artist graduates from a "Participating Muse" to a "Gallery Muse".