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South University Mental Health Project
South University Mental Health Project
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South University Occupational Therapy Students

9Muses Art Center would like to thank the students from South University. The exercise was a huge success! Each participating muse found it encouraging and empowering. Seeing their positive qualities expressed in such a creative way, gave each person hope.

South University Occupational Therapy Students

South University - Mental Health Art Project - Selfie Bags

Creative Qualities in “A Muse”
December 7, 2014

On the journey of recovery, self-esteem can be very hard to discover. Surrounding the issue are lower social skills and a lack of confidence, resulting in an increase in isolation, but the creative qualities of an artist can be used as a compass to help find
their way. 

The "Selfie Bag" project was an exercise that allowed the artist permission to express their positive qualities. On the outside of the bag, are the positives that people can see, and on the inside, the qualities that may not be visible but are there none the
less. Each word used, reinforces positive self-esteem, reminding the artist that they may have more positive qualities than they think. 

 An artist’s work is usually created in solitude, but the exercise requires members to support each other. Building on their creativity, artists help one another to build confidence. Members start out apprehensive but become more engaged as the activity progresses. 

 The experience was run by Occupational Therapy students from South University. Their hope is that this could be the
beginning of better socialization skills and present opportunities to reach out to the community at large.