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The process of becoming a Nine Muses solo artist begins with attending art classes regularly. The initial commitment to the creative process takes the novice to the height of imagination. The ability to simply sit and embark on an artistic journey results in beginners amazed at the work they have achieved. 9Muses encourages many forms and mediums to create art. The objective is to bring each member to their personal best in the development of style and creative dimension.



Educational art books are made available to assist members with their artistic development. As the journey continues, members acquire a sense of confidence due to the accomplishments and challenges they have overcome. It is common to see a new member become instructive to other members to an overall understanding and ability to apply artistic principles. Member to member interaction stimulates a sociological approach to their artistic endeavors while developing interpersonal skills and begin to flourish again. This is the beginning of the healing process. 

Becoming a solo artist is a great accomplishment. This means that a member has attended classes regularly, had their work hung in the art studio, and participated in group exhibits. They must meet the final requirement by creating a body of work  (a collection of relational pieces) that is approved for their very own exhibit. The artist's work hangs in 9Muses' Peter Cocuzza Gallery for one month and offers the artist a chance to sell the art, It then travels to South Florida's Correct Care Facility where their work is displayed publicly. 

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