Seth’s mental illness was recognized early in his life.  It challenged him and his family, but it did not break a spirit that was described by all who knew him as enthusiastic and loving. Sadly, physical health conditions resulted in Seth’s untimely death.   At his passing, family and friends alike remembered the good and the joy that Seth brought to their lives and vowed that his memory will have meaning.

Our SETH Line warm line fulfills their commitment.  With the caring and compassion of our network of volunteers, Seth’s legacy of telephone support lives on.  The SETH line provides a resource to consumers and to others for whom a friendly and non-judgmental listener meets a need.  The SETH line also gives consumer volunteers the opportunity to provide meaningful service to others.  Quality of life is measured as much by what we give as what we may receive.  

What is the SETH Line? How does it work?

  • The SETH Line is a “warm line” designed to afford callers the opportunity to speak with sympathetic others about issues and concerns of everyday living.  
  • The SETH Line is staffed by trained and supervised volunteers, most of them in recovery from behavioral illnesses. 
  • The SETH Line respects the confidentiality of its callers.  Each caller determines what information he/she chooses to share.  Our goal is to respect the caller’s privacy.  
  • The SETH Line is not a crisis line.  Our phone volunteers are trained to provide non-judgmental listening that supports interests and issues of each caller.  At the caller’s request, they may offer information and a range of resources from which a caller may choose help.  We are not here to impose our views or beliefs on any caller. 
  • SETH Line volunteers are not therapists.  Callers should not expect advice, counseling or clinical direction. 
  • Who benefits from the SETH Line?
  • The SETH Line was designed to meet the needs of behavioral health consumers – people with mental illnesses or co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders.  
  • The SETH Line may also meet the needs of undiagnosed individuals who are seeking assistance, reassurance or a respite from isolation or loneliness.  Anyone can call.  Our volunteers are available to respond to a broad range of needs. 
  • When can I call?
  • The SETH Line operates weekday evenings from 6-10 PM.  Weekend hours are planned but not yet regularly scheduled.  An answering machine records calls between operating hours and those leaving messages will have their calls returned at the next work shift.
  • WHAT IS THE PHONE NUMBER?                       954-578-5640
  • This is a toll-free line accessible to residents of Broward County, Florida.  Other callers may contact the line during operation hours or may, if seeking information and referral resources, call Mental Health America of Southeast Florida directly at 954-746-2055. 
  • The SETH Line is funded by a grant from the Broward County Human Services Department and from Donations to the Seth Stambaugh Fund at Mental Health America of Southeast Florida. 



*9Muses Art Center has extended Sethline hours from 10AM to 10PM Mon-Fri and 10:AM - 5PM Sat. Those who are feeling isolated, lonely, panicked, or just need a friendly voice, are invited to call 954 578-5640

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You might be interested to know that SETH is not an acronym but the name of a real person, Seth Stambaugh.  Seth was a “consumer” of mental health services who, in pursuit of his recovery, developed and relied on a supportive network of telephone friends.  Joined by his loving family, they provided the caring, concern and support that most of us, whether diagnosed or not, seek in our everyday lives.  In fact, Seth’s life was sustained by his safety net of friends. 

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