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Life Around Art – Mark Junor, Solo Exhibit

Photography and poetry are combined in Mark Junor’s work. The images are two different narratives telling the story of Mark’s singular life. “My life has always been around or involved in art. There are four other artists in my family, mostly painters and one sculptor. I began my own journey through art with drawing but soon switched to poetry. It is through words that expressed who I am, and what place I held in the world." Congratulations John!

The Sierra Tuscon "Gratitude For Giving" Visionary Award was presented to 9Muses Adult Services Director, Chris Yoculan. Chris was honored for his years of dedication to improvement of the mental health care system and fighting for the rights of individuals with mental health issues.

​Congratulations to 9muses Art Centers'
Power of Peer Supervisor Laura Diaz De Arce. She has just completed a year-long course in Leadership for Non-Profits. Her dedication and skill is impressive and appreciated! (Laura pictured middle with friends.)


The Artwork of Skip & Olivia

August’s Gallery Exhibit would not be possible without blending the individual artistic styles of two of 9Muses’ most committed members Skip Gauvreau and Olivia Fears. Skip has been exploring art at 9Muses for over 5 years and 3 solo shows. Olivia Fears is a self-taught artist whose 2 solo shows focused on the medium of watercolor.

The challenge to work together to create an exhibit that expressed a unified concept was presented to Skip by Olivia who “wanted to see if mentally I could work with someone”.

Together, they decided on an Eastern Art theme. The pair are drawn to the vibrant colors and delicate patterns traditionally depicted by various Asian cultures.

Nova Southeastern University's Occupational Therapy students were visiting 9Muses Art Center for the fieldwork portion of their mental health education. In their activity, members were encouraged to identify things that they take part in now and what they want to take part in the future through the creation of a vision board. Many members were able to find similarities amongst each other that developed meaningful conversations about shared goals that encompassed a healthier lifestyle. For example, members spoke about learning to cook healthier meals, exercising more frequently, and identified long-term goals to achieve for the future. 

In addition, members participated in a socialization icebreaker in which members shared a fact about themselves that they enjoyed. We used a ball of yarn to throw to members that shared the same interest. This allowed other members to realize they had more things in common so that they can relate with each other, showing that we are all interconnected. Throughout this experience, the students learned that group activities can encourage socialization and promote strong support systems. In doing so, this promotes wellness and enhances the quality of life. The students were able to learn and demonstrate that through the act of doing and engaging in meaningful activities the members can manage their mental health symptoms and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Exsanguination Transmutation

The Artwork of Miguel Valentin
February 14th – March 6th, 2020

A professional tattoo artist for over 25 years, Miguel Valentin loves collaborating with clients to make their vision into a work of art that lasts a lifetime. This body of work was Valentin’s chance to produce work that is solely his vision. His work is inspired by his many years fighting a battle with alcohol and drug addiction. He found that only by surrendering, he could win. Using his own blood, Valentin shows you his desperate struggle from being a hopeless addict to sharing the gift of recovery through these paintings. His goal is to have the viewer experience the pain and then share the joy of hope that any addict can recover if they can be honest with themselves. His choice of medium, his blood, is significant because, in his own words “What better way to show how important this is to me and how serious this disease is.”

Surreal Landscapes
The Work of Joseph Hecker

The subject of my work is Surreal Landscapes. My work aims to say that peace and beauty are the keys to tranquility. This is so because the serene movement of colors and strokes emphasizes serenity. Also, the relaxing mood releases a “captivating sense”. My biggest influences in the art world are Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci. The reason these artists are my inspiration is that they symbolize realism, surrealism, and impressionism. I am captivated by these styles because they release a sense of “magic”.

The Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and 9Muses Art Center would like to thank the Korean United Methodist Church for their continued support.

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Shadows and Light

The Artwork of Henry Ber

Do you see what I see? Do we see colors the same way? For artist Henry Ber, the answer is definitely no.

“The biggest struggles in my life are being color blind and living with tunnel vision.” Born in Paris, France, Henry has a very rare type of color blindness called Monochromacy. He has never seen color. He has also developed peripheral vision loss, tunnel vision. This is an interesting opportunity, to view the world as Henry sees it.

9Muses Art Center's 2019 Birthday Party at Savor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale. Art, Poetry, Live Performances, and the Premiere of featuring "Will Tomorrow Forgive" Productions Pilot Film "Puppet Support Group". The event focuses on mental health treatment, progress and pit falls.

​*We would like to thank our members and friends for making this night a success!

John McDonald - The Human Condition 
Solo Exhibit

Figurative and portraiture art in watercolor, John McDonald imagines colors in his head. He ascribes rhythmic motion in much of his work. Continual line contour drawings are John’s specialty. John begins with rough sketches, sometimes thumbnail sized.

In his own words:
"I've been at 9Muses Art Center for four consecutive years. I started coming in February 2014. I enjoy coming to 9Muses because the staff, members, peer specialists, and, facilitators are very open and helpful and listen to stories of my past, recent issues, events coming up, and, future goals. 

Recreation and Leisure Programs and Activities for Special Populations Broward County! Florida SPRING / SUMMER 2019 Prepared by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division Special Populations Section 954-357-8170/8160 (Voice) or 954-537-2844 (TTY) Email: | | More Information

​​Exhibition Dates: May 28 – June 28

Title: “Throw Away the Key”

Lauderhill, Florida – 9MusesArtCenter is pleased to present a group exhibition titled “Throw Away the Key” featuring member artists. A key can be the mechanism for entrapment. It can be the device that restrains our movement, that locks us away, that places us in a cage. It can also be the device that frees us, unlocks us, and unbound us. Read more

*In accordance with CDC guidelines and to maintain the safety of our consumers, 9Muses Art Center will be closed to the public for the time being. All in-person classes, groups, and events will be postponed for the time being (including “It’s My Life”). Online and virtual alternatives are being developed. Follow us on FaceBook or Twitter for further updates. 

9Muses Art Center has extended Sethline hours from 10AM to 10PM Mon-Fri and 10:AM - 5PM Sat. Those who are feeling isolated, lonely, panicked, or just need a friendly voice, are invited to call 954 578-5640
Learn More about the Seth Warmline

We have created a Support Group Page on FaceBook, please feel free to join and post. A peer specialist is available on Facebook Messenger Tues. and Thurs. 6PM - 8PM 

Celebrating Diversity and Mental Wellness through a full spectrum of inclusive activities.
Glitter Nights Kick off Art Sampler Get your SHINE ON in this unique art event that kicks off IRIS Year! Guests will be able to participate in dance, creative writing, drawing, watercolor and clay creation, in LGBTQ+ themed and led "mini" art classes.This event is in participation with Arts United and Sunserve. Open to adults of any identity or orientation. 02.20.2020
"It's My Life" Queer Edition Part course, part support group, "It's My Life" was developed by Mental Health America to combat the isolation of those facing mental health challenges. Weekly life-coach led sessions will teach necessary life and social skills. This LGBTQ+ inclusive class is FREE to those looking to get out there and pursue their dreams. Advanced registration required.
Continuing Education starting in early 2020. 9Muses Art Center will offer two new CEUs.
The Dangers of Conversion Therapy Early 2020 TBD 

Strategies for integrating LGBTQ+ mental health support in workplace policies Mid 2020 TBD
Exhibit 302.0 Named for the DSM diagnosis for homosexuality, "302.0" intends to challenge the stigmatization of LGBTQ+ individuals and those facing mental health challenges. Artists are invited to explore grief, anger, as well as the joy and triumph of existing within these designations. Now taking submissions at

Wilton Manors Presents

Proclamation to MHASEFL

Wilton Manors lights up Green for Mental Health Awareness Month and presents Mental Health America with proclamation supporting people with mental illness in their community!

"Thank you to all for your support, we had a good turnout "
Paul Jaquith 


Pride/Ally Flag by Nicole Storrs

An original Pride/Ally flag created by Broward-based artist Nicole Storrs will be 
present outside and inside the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood galleries from Feb. 8 to May 17. To commemorate activities for Open 

Dialogues: Stories From the LGBTQ Community, Storrs’ originally designed flag, titled “The Blended Flag: A Cross Section of Culture and Identity,” will hang from a flagpole at the entrance to the Center, with free, mini-replicas of the artwork also being made available to attendees to Open Dialogues program activities...
Read More

Broward County Health Care Services,

Ryan White Program "Positively Speaking" magazine Fall 2019 issue features Adult Services Director, Chris Yoculan. Chris has used his artistic talent to fight for social fairness in the mental health field and for AIDS Awareness. (Page 10) 

Soft Impressions
The Artwork of Linda Gold-Gacek
On display until May 10th, 2019

From your first meeting with this Chicago Native, Linda Gold Gacek is someone who likes to see, hold, eat, and listen to the sounds life. She began to attend 9Muses Art Center around two and a half years ago, first attending support groups, then added art to her activities. Eventually, she was caught up with the idea of painting everyday home objects.

“I like to call my work Whimsical Expressionism.” It’s more than whimsy, the painted pillows make the art space quieter, contemplative. While the images express a sense of ease. Linda is influenced by the Impressionists, in particular, the artist Frederick Frieseke, an American impressionist.

Her landscapes are a reflection of early mornings taking in the world from her sun porch. About the production of the work, Linda is animated. “I get a kick out of it. I like it more than canvases… “Life should have a sense of joy and not be taken too seriously. I hope my joy is translated to the viewer.” Above all, Linda Gold Gacek hopes the work makes you smile.

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