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Life Around Art – Mark Junor, Solo Exhibit

Photography and poetry are combined in Mark Junor’s work. The images are two different narratives telling the story of Mark’s singular life. “My life has always been around or involved in art. There are four other artists in my family, mostly painters and one sculptor. I began my own journey through art with drawing but soon switched to poetry. It is through words that expressed who I am, and what place I held in the world." Congratulations John!

Surreal Landscapes
The Work of Joseph Hecker

The subject of my work is Surreal Landscapes. My work aims to say that peace and beauty are the keys to tranquility. This is so because the serene movement of colors and strokes emphasizes serenity. Also, the relaxing mood releases a “captivating sense”. My biggest influences in the art world are Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci. The reason these artists are my inspiration is that they symbolize realism, surrealism, and impressionism. I am captivated by these styles because they release a sense of “magic”.

The Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and 9Muses Art Center would like to thank the Korean United Methodist Church for their continued support.

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Reflective Living

Metamorphosis Magnificence
The Artwork of Skip Gauvreau

In his own words:
In spite of having been born into a traumatic environment, I survived. When Therapists gave me no hope, I forged on. I lived most of my life in darkness but held onto my faith to pull me through the worst times. By isolating myself, very few people knew that I struggled with depression, social anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Read more on Tumblr. 

John McDonald - The Human Condition 
Solo Exhibit

Figurative and portraiture art in watercolor, John McDonald imagines colors in his head. He ascribes rhythmic motion in much of his work. Continual line contour drawings are John’s specialty. John begins with rough sketches, sometimes thumbnail sized.

In his own words:
"I've been at 9Muses Art Center for four consecutive years. I started coming in February 2014. I enjoy coming to 9Muses because the staff, members, peer specialists, and, facilitators are very open and helpful and listen to stories of my past, recent issues, events coming up, and, future goals. 

“Little Gems” exhibit by Shane Jefferson

Shane began to draw at the age of 5. The first instruction he received, along with lots of encouragement, was from his mother. Later on in school, it was his favorite subject and he's been drawing ever since.

This event was a huge success! Shane has been attending 9Muses for many years. HIs subject matter is mostly inanimate objects, like vehicles and dwellings. In many of these pieces, you’ll notice the subject matter has been cropped in interesting ways to draw the viewer in for a closer look.

Recreation and Leisure Programs and Activities for Special Populations Broward County! Florida SPRING / SUMMER 2019 Prepared by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division Special Populations Section 954-357-8170/8160 (Voice) or 954-537-2844 (TTY) Email: | | More Information

​​Exhibition Dates: May 28 – June 28

Title: “Throw Away the Key”

Lauderhill, Florida – 9MusesArtCenter is pleased to present a group exhibition titled “Throw Away the Key” featuring member artists. A key can be the mechanism for entrapment. It can be the device that restrains our movement, that locks us away, that places us in a cage. It can also be the device that frees us, unlocks us, and unbound us. Read more

Wilton Manors Presents

Proclamation to MHASEFL

Wilton Manors lights up Green for Mental Health Awareness Month and presents Mental Health America with proclamation supporting people with mental illness in their community!

"Thank you to all for your support, we had a good turnout "
Paul Jaquith 

Join 9muses for a day of Healthy Living

July 25th, 2019 at 2:00 pm. Presented by Occupational Therapy students from NSU Florida

Soft Impressions
The Artwork of Linda Gold-Gacek
On display until May 10th, 2019

From your first meeting with this Chicago Native, Linda Gold Gacek is someone who likes to see, hold, eat, and listen to the sounds life. She began to attend 9Muses Art Center around two and a half years ago, first attending support groups, then added art to her activities. Eventually, she was caught up with the idea of painting everyday home objects.

“I like to call my work Whimsical Expressionism.” It’s more than whimsy, the painted pillows make the art space quieter, contemplative. While the images express a sense of ease. Linda is influenced by the Impressionists, in particular, the artist Frederick Frieseke, an American impressionist.

Her landscapes are a reflection of early mornings taking in the world from her sun porch. About the production of the work, Linda is animated. “I get a kick out of it. I like it more than canvases… “Life should have a sense of joy and not be taken too seriously. I hope my joy is translated to the viewer.” Above all, Linda Gold Gacek hopes the work makes you smile.

Reflective Living
(Nova Southeastern University Occupational Therapy Program)

We wish to thank Nova's Occupational Therapy students for their wonderful final project. The project focused on 9Muses members in an Adaptive Response activity to help familiarize them with special techniques for continuing recovery.

Students: Kiera Linton, Anna Kreger, Devir Galindo, Emily Janson