United Way is Hosting the Documentary Screening: Faded Conversation

Start: 03/27/2019 5:30 PM End: 03/27/2019 8:00 PM This event will include artwork from 9Muses Art Center members.

​Savor Cinema, 503 SE 6th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Refreshments and complimentary beverages will be served!

Click Here to register for this free event.

9Muses Annual Cookout

We would like to thank the United Methodist Church for their kind support in providing delicious food and beautiful music to members of 9Muses Art Center. 9Muses honored them with some of the center's original artwork.

The Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and 9Muses Art Center would like to thank the Korean United Methodist Church for their continued support.

News and Events

Reflective Living
Art for Sale


Thank you Lois Cleary for the wonderful experience you've provided to our members. The class was a smashing success!

Miniature Paintings

The holiday sale was a grand event. We thank Nicole Storrs for this gorgeous display that drew members of our community!

Mythological Creatures
The Artwork of Joseph Hecker June 15th – July 2nd, 2018
I was diagnosed with bi-polar and later I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even though the illness tried to control me, I fought back. In fact, I succeeded in my ability to stay well and stable. This is when I found 9Muses. 9MusesArtCenter has helped me to not only grow as an artist but as a person. I am thankful and grateful to have the love and support of the staff and membership. They help me to separate myself from my illness so I can move forward and be successful as a person. 

“Little Gems” exhibit by Shane Jefferson

Shane began to draw at the age of 5. The first instruction he received, along with lots of encouragement, was from his mother. Later on in school, it was his favorite subject and he's been drawing ever since.

This event was a huge success! Shane has been attending 9Muses for many years. HIs subject matter is mostly inanimate objects, like vehicles and dwellings. In many of these pieces, you’ll notice the subject matter has been cropped in interesting ways to draw the viewer in for a closer look.

Reflective Living
(Nova Southeastern University Occupational Therapy Program)

We wish to thank Nova's Occupational Therapy students for their wonderful final project. The project focused on 9Muses members in an Adaptive Response activity to help familiarize them with special techniques for continuing recovery.

Students: Kiera Linton, Anna Kreger, Devir Galindo, Emily Janson

Metamorphosis Magnificence
The Artwork of Skip Gauvreau

In his own words:
In spite of having been born into a traumatic environment, I survived. When Therapists gave me no hope, I forged on. I lived most of my life in darkness but held onto my faith to pull me through the worst times. By isolating myself, very few people knew that I struggled with depression, social anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Read more on Tumblr. 

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John McDonald - The Human Condition 
Solo Exhibit

Figurative and portraiture art in watercolor, John McDonald imagines colors in his head. He ascribes rhythmic motion in much of his work. Continual line contour drawings are John’s specialty. John begins with rough sketches, sometimes thumbnail sized.

In his own words:
"I've been at 9Muses Art Center for four consecutive years. I started coming in February 2014. I enjoy coming to 9Muses because the staff, members, peer specialists, and, facilitators are very open and helpful and listen to stories of my past, recent issues, events coming up, and, future goals.