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Whimsical worlds – Witty Words

Ask a member of 9Muses about John Ware, the answers are pretty much unanimous. He is intelligent, uniquely creative and a man with a wide range of knowledge. He is also quiet, polite, and kind.

 What his friends have expressed about him, can be seen in John Wares’ art as well. But there is also a sense of playfulness. There is play in the scale of the images. The words also play with each scene. Sometimes in relationship, and sometimes it does not relate at all, and sometimes he is commenting to you, the observer. In Memory of our friend John Ware.

Celebrating the Work of Violet King
Korean United Methodist Church Holiday Concert

HOPE (Human Occupation through People’s Environments)
Presented by:
Morgan Dowd
Jaclyn Lynch
Karen Rodriguez

HOPE; A mural blended in mixed media was presented by Occupational Therapy students from South University. The mural represents the eight occupations of human life. Depicted are the instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), work, education, sleep, relaxation, social participation, leisure, and finally play. If you look closely at this mural exhibits all eight occupations.
(view slideshow for project start to finish)

Celebrating the work of artist Violet King
Dwight and Paul Williams traveled to Lauderhill, FL from Detroit with videographer Sascha Rybinski of GoodTastic Films to interview 9Muses member Violet King for a documentary on PBS. Violet King's paintings were found by Dwight Williams in his newly purchased storage unit. He loved the paintings so much, he has been promoting Violet's artwork ever since.  From left: Paul Williams, Dwight Williams, Sascha Rybinski, Violet King (bottom)


A "Roast and Toast"

Violet King is one of 9Muses Art Center's earliest and most prolific members. Her style ranges from realistic to abstract and everything in between, and she uses a variety of media including pencil, ink, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and many times a mixture of two or more. Despite being so broad in her approach to art, Violet's work is almost always easy to identify as hers due to her distinctive manner of painting and drawing.

9Muses Art Center Playing Cards

Playing With A Full Deck

9Muses is featuring "Playing with a Full Deck" playing cards. Each card is an work of art created by its members. Cards sell for $10.00 a deck and proceeds benefit the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida.. 

Thank you... Korean United Methodist Church

On behalf of the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and the 9Muses Art Center, I thank you, The Korean United Methodist Church of South Florida for your continued support and encouragement as we work to achieve mental wellness for everyone. We have enjoyed a great relationship over the past 16 years with the Church and its members from the picnics to the annual concert.

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