Reflective Living

(Nova Southeastern University Occupational Therapy Program)

We wish to thank Nova's Occupational Therapy students for their wonderful final project. The project focused on 9Muses members in an Adaptive Response activity to help familiarize them with special techniques for continuing recovery.

Student's Summary of the Exercise
In this activity, participants were encouraged to engage in socialization, using critical thinking skills and learning to interact with one another. The goal is for participants to realize how much knowledge they truly have within an array of categories which can increase their volition, and motivate them to continue learning while using the skills learned. Many individuals have picked up harmful habits over time, and this activity will allow them to generate and explore ideas or other habits that can benefit them within every domain of occupation. They may develop ideas on their own that can combat harmful habit(s), and also have peers and facilitators available for additional insights.

Students: Kiera Linton, Anna Kreger, Devir Galindo, Emily Janson


9MusesArtCenter invites members to participate in Throw Away the Key, an exhibit that visually expresses how it feels to look beyond illness toward a forgiving future. Sometimes unspoken experiences lie at the root of behaviors. Beliefs can be misinterpreted by others forcing.. Read more

Contact: Nicole Storrs,

Entry Deadline: June 29, 2018


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EPIC 2018

The 2018 EPIC Awards on May 9th 2018 was a smashing success. We would like to thank all attendees for their support of the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida in celebrating champions of the mental health community in this annual tribute! Congratulations to this years' winners!

​Amy Lynn Osterwise, Debbie Perry, Erica Ricketts, 
David Scharf, Rita Thrasher, and Silvia Quintana

Table vases were made by 9Muses members.


Thank you Lois Cleary for the wonderful experience you've provided to our members. The class was a smashing success!

Congratulations Violet King!

A long-standing member and popular artist of 9Muses. Recognition of her work has been long in coming. 9Muses wishes to thank Goodtastic Films for the wonderful documentation of her life's passion.

Broward College Nursing Students participate in 9Muses activities.

Broward College RN Students attended a sampling of the center's program on May 3rd, 2017. Each student attended six classes for 15 minutes each. The classes included; Clay, Dance, Watercolor, Creative Writing, Drawing, and Peer Training.

Watch this important documentary regarding mental health and the criminal justice system.

More videos available on The Claude Pepper Center Channel as 9Muses members relate their story and experience here at the center.

9Muses Annual Cookout

We would like to thank the United Methodist Church for their kind support in providing delicious food and beautiful music to members of 9Muses Art Center. 9Muses honored them with some of the center's original artwork.

News and Latest Events - behavioral Health through Art and advocacy

Nova Southeastern University

Occupational therapy students upon completing the clinical portion of their study of mental and behavioral health at 9Muses interacted with members to help them assess needs and create goals. O.T. studies include; Active listening, recreational exercises, and practical strategies for treatment. 

Today an intentional peer support training model was initiated and a role play was presented in a situational setting as Client to Occupational Therapist for means of establishing professional boundaries without breaking the connection established by the O.T.. and avoiding damage to the client’s progress. The presentation exhibited some of the grey areas faced by behavioral healthcare professionals and the challenges of maintaining a cohesive relationship.

Fantastic Final Friday!

This quarterly event was a winner, from a wonderful art sale to the exciting and heart felt performances that followed. Acting, Singing, and Dance, along with lots of fun and creativity was celebrated by 9Muses Members and guests. Thank you for coming to our quarterly event! The next show will be September 29, 2017. Save the date and join us.

Chamberlain College of Nursing - Student Project

Donna Fox (instructor) for Chamberlain nursing students
thought up a wonderful project for the clinical portion of the program's mental health training and with the aid and support of Dina Queen (coordinator); 9muses members enjoyed a course filled with information and pie too. 

The project is named: A.D.P.I.E. a.k.a. Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation.

We thank the students of Chamberlain for doing a wonderful job.  
Gracy Aponte
Nicole Arango 
Justin Bonilla
Cenide Donk
Shameka Meza 
Patricia Prado

See it live on YouTube

Skilled Support Group Facilitator Joins 9Muses Art Center

Mental health peer specialist Ted Clulow trained as a support group facilitator with formal DMDA training in 1996 and former manager of the Peer Center of Fort Lauderdale from 2002 -2006 is now facilitating support groups at the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida, 9Muses Art Center.

These weekly support groups are a vital part of the 99% improvement rate of mental health consumers at 9Muses Art Center.
Many members facing particular difficulty adjusting to life issues attend 9Muses support groups and receive valuable feedback from the facilitator and other peers experienced with similar challenges and feelings to instill hope and offer gentle guidance in a safe environment. Attendees are not required to speak at all outside of basic introduction and can simply sit and listen.


Attendees of the group are very grateful and hopeful for the experience shared by Ted due to his ability to perpetuate mental health awareness to attendees of the groups. A mental health diagnosis is not required to attend a support group. All are welcome.

The holiday sale was a grand event. We thank Nicole Storrs for this gorgeous display that drew members of our community!

The 13th Annual Korean Cookout 7/19/2018

12:00-2:00 pm

The Korean United Methodist Church is sponsoring the 13th annual Cookout at 9Muses Art Center. They have given their support, time, and talent to our organization for many years and have become longtime friends to staff and members of the center. The event is free! Bring family and friends.

Portraits In Pencil
A Re-imagining of Lydia Stirlacci's Photography
The Artwork of Henry Ber

Faces are in our lives every day. They pass you on the street, they are behind the counter. You see them when you gather in a group. They are on your screens. They all seem so very common and yet so very different. But what if you saw the world in a shade of gray, how different would your perception be? For Henry Ber, life has always been seen in grays, all kinds of gray. He has monochromatism, a rare form of color-blindness, but that has never stopped him from painting, drawing and creating. He is very prolific in his work. As Henry puts it; "I like to push myself and seek out challenges." Self-taught, Henry comes from a family of artists. "My father was an amateur artist. I used to watch him, he was my first inspiration." Other inspiration came from European masters such as Rembrandt and Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh and other impressionists. American artists, like Norman Rockwell, influence his work as well. The portraits in the exhibit are members of the 9Muses family, past and present. Congratulations Henry Ber!

Mythological Creatures
The Artwork of Joseph Hecker June 15th – July 2nd 2018

I was diagnosed with bi-polar and later I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even though the illness tried to control me, I fought back. In fact, I succeeded in my ability to stay well and stable. This is when I found 9Muses. 9MusesArtCenter has helped me to not only grow as an artist, but as a person. I am thankful and grateful to have the love and support of the staff and membership. They help me to separate myself from my illness so I can move forward and be successful as a person. I have always been most passionate about the art movements of Realism, Impressionism, and Surrealism. I derived inspiration from these styles for my show, “Mythological Creatures”. 9Muses has helped me take my art to the next level and beyond. Once again, I dedicate my love and appreciation to the staff and members of 9Muses. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be where I am today. Read his full story at: 

The Dream Book Project

Nova Southeastern University occupational therapy students completed the clinical portion of their study of mental and behavioral health at 9Muses.  They presented a "Dream Book" project for members.  Each member created a unique collage representing their vision and future goals for themselves.  The aim of this activity was to exhibit the power of positive thinking and visualization by creating a Dream Book. They were encouraged to take their books home as a reminder to follow through with their goals.

A Memorable Celebration

The Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida held its 60th-anniversary celebration at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

on October 18th. The event was a huge success with raffles, live music, and delicious food. We would like to thank; Chima, our Board of Directors, and Sponsors for their continued support on behalf of MHAs service to the community.



Self-esteem is an important component that will enable one to have a more positive outlook on life. The way we feel about ourselves can directly impact our daily lives including the eight occupations; ADL’s, IADL’s, work, play, leisure, rest and sleep, education and social participation. Through purposeful activities in occupational therapy, such as; self-esteem bingo, one can improve their feelings of self -worth and confidence. Self-esteem bingo allows participants to engage in a fun game while identifying positive aspects about themselves and their lives. Focusing on your own strengths enables an individual the opportunity to recognize their importance.

In self-esteem bingo, one game takes about 45 minutes. While still following the basic rules of bingo, participants answer questions geared towards self-esteem. By the end of the game, participants will have reinforced positive self-attributes while socializing.

This activity was facilitated by the South University students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Their hope is that this activity can empower each individual to recognize their own strength and find value within themselves to help cope with any obstacles they are faced with throughout their journey in life. 

9Muses Art Center - Final Friday Quarterly Sale

The Quarterly Final Friday Show was preceded by a successful artist's sale with a diverse selection of visual arts and specialty items.  People from the community visited 9Muses artists and were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and ability of the artists. 

Please Donate to Mental Health Association and 9Muses


The Artwork of Chris Nervi

Chris Nervi was born at Broward General Hospital in 1951 and has lived in Broward County ever since. Even though his life has had many struggles, he has funneled his experiences into creative expression. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19, he began drawing after he attended his first Anonymous Meeting. He also enjoys inventing and creating. He actually learned wheel throwing after building a home-made kick wheel and is quite a skilled potter and ceramicist whose work includes candle holders, wind chimes, working fountains and an entire chess set. He also enjoys philosophical discussions, especially one-on-one.

Chris is known for his intricate and surreal drawings that often need to be studied for some time before you truly see what’s going on. For his third solo exhibit at 9Muses Art Center, he has created a collection of mandalas and moving illusions he calls “EYE TEASERS & EYE PLEASERS”. The show is divided in half between static images that allow the viewer to see illusory motion, a waving effect, a spinning effect, or an impossible position, due to color contrasts, patterns, and shape position. The images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains are the EYE TEASERS. While the other half is composed of swirling, checkered mandalas that seem to convey emotions via kaleidoscope eyes. These are the EYE PLEASERS. No matter which piece you fall in love with, it is obvious that all of Chris’ art has been crafted with care.

John McDonald - The Human Condition

Solo Exhibit

Figurative and portraiture art in watercolor, John McDonald imagines colors in his head. He ascribes rhythmic motion in much of his work. Continual line contour drawings are John’s specialty. John begins with rough sketches, sometimes thumbnail sized.

In his own words:

"I've been at 9Muses Art Center for four consecutive years. I started coming in February 2014. I enjoy coming to 9Muses because the staff, members, peer specialists, and, facilitators are very open and helpful and listen to stories of my past, recent issues, events coming up, and, future goals. I enjoy talking out my feelings, my emotions, my anxieties, my setbacks, and, frustrations. I enjoy attending support groups, visual art classes, and, ceramics. I will continue to take my art and personal development to the next level."

South University "Show Me" Project

The students of South University presented “Show Me How: A Look into Occupational Therapy”. Just like an artist creates a masterpiece using tools they have available, an Occupational Therapy Practitioner uses tools to establish a fulfilling life. Occupational Therapists meet you where you are to treat the impact of your occupation. On November 30, 2017, Cohort 10 role played 4 ADL/IADLs (Activities of Daily Living / Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) with the members of 9Muses to educate and improve their own abilities. Fun had by all. Activities included, personal hygiene-handwashing with Adam R., safety-kitchen maintenance with Jennie F., play-participation with Harry S., sleep preparation-relaxation with Susan S.

This episode of Nova University's Dateline Health discusses the state of mental health and the role it plays in our schools. Please view this program to hear important information concerning the mental health crisis in Florida reported directly from our CEO Paul Jaquith.

Broward Health Bus & Magellan Complete Care!

The BH bus visited 9Muses today for on-site mini physical check-ups, HIV Testing, and other necessary services for all members of the community (not only Magellan members). THANK YOU for all of the care you give so freely.

Chamberlain College of Nursing C.O.P.E. Project

Create Outstanding People Everday

Chamberlain College of Nursing Students Presented the C.O.P.E. project for 9Muses members with exercises for increased cognitive abilities and stress reduction. The project taught members to engage in healthy and constructive activities including arts and crafts, a learning game, and meditation techniques.

This project is integrated with the nursing program’s mental health portion of the course curriculum

We wish to thank the following students for their participation and dedication:

Deysi Larramendi
Christina Presume
Camille Lewis
Paola Lopea
Carmelle Sevat
Veronica Anderson
Led by Professor Donna Fox and Program Director Dina Queen

9Muses Art Center

Metamorphosis Magnificence

The Artwork of Skip Gauvreau

In his own words:

In spite of having been born into a traumatic environment, I survived. When Therapists gave me no hope, I forged on. I lived most of my life in darkness but held onto my faith to pull me through the worst times. By isolating myself, very few people knew that I struggled with depression, social anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Read more on Tumblr. 

The Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and 9Muses Art Center would like to thank the Korean United Methodist Church for their continued support.

Hands of Hope

South University Occupational Therapy students completed their final project for the clinical portion of their mental health study and presented a self-esteem workshop to the members of 9Muses.

Members were given a chance to examine and draw or collage eight occupations and add them to illustration boards with a group discussion on goals and possibilities. All items were then placed in personally decorated envelopes for members to keep and add more hopes and dreams over time.

The Life of Art - Solo Exhibition by Olga Cardenas

Olga Cardenas has an eye for life. In landscapes and still life, in images of crow’s life in solitude. Of the narrative of building and places, Olga takes the living she sees and tells their story on canvas. She is a graduate of The Technical College of Columbia, as well as further studies at Columbia University in New York. Her artistic influences include Caravaggio, Gaugin, Van Gogh, Picasso, Obregon, Diego Rivera and Botero. Painting mostly in acrylics, Olga also loves watercolor, charcoal and painting on fabric. "When I was a little girl, I was always asked to draw for school projects. I have loved painting all my life. I get the urge to paint and it feels good. As I paint, I feel relaxed. But there came a time when creating art receded into the background of Olga's life. She is a widow and raised five children. As Olga relates, "It became hard to connect with people". What happened next in her story is a tale common to the history of 9Muses Art Center. "I was driving by and I saw the sign, saw it as an opportunity to paint, something I haven't done in a long time. This was the place to find my pleasure again."

“Little Gems” exhibit by Shane Jefferson

Shane began to draw at the age of 5. The first instruction he received, along with lots of encouragement, was from his mother. Later on in school, it was his favorite subject and he's been drawing ever since.

This event was a huge success! Shane has been attending 9Muses for many years. HIs subject matter is mostly inanimate objects, like vehicles and dwellings. In many of these pieces, you’ll notice the subject matter has been cropped in interesting ways to draw the viewer in for a closer look.