Four in the Morning

A little cold,

The promise of sunrise in Chelsea, Manhattan,

From the window, the streets look like

canyons. In the warm cozy room

Two American Dames. Sisters,

Preparing to watch a royal family


A biracial woman, Solitary but royal in purpose

And spirit, to her Prince.

The sisters titled themselves.

Two American Ladies in Waiting

A Fantasy Peerage Partaking in Celebration

The New Yorkers were properly prepared

They had their




They Dined on tuna,

 On Marmalade

Tea oh’ the tea!

Rich with the flavor of

Earl gray and honey

Food, the fragrance of brisk morning

They were dressed in their finest

A dream of Spring hats, white laced gloves, for the tea of course,

The dresses were elegant, tailored, but in reality silk pajamas.

A pullout comfy sofa

was their second-row seat

 in Saint Georges Chapel.

Saving, of course, the front row

For the Queen's view.

 The Ladies wined and dined observing on the Tellie

The arrival of American Royalty

Oprah, George and Amahl, and warrior Serena.

Britain’s other Royalty; Sir Elton, David, and Posh and Dame Helen of Miren.


The Bride arrived.

The Dames were excited, elated.

Her gown


As she glided up the steps,

Twin uniformed boys lifting

Her gossamer train

Embroidered with National flowers,


The New York Dames

Glanced at each other with tears.

Thy felt Elation,

The felt uplifted

Feelings of



They smiled for the Couple

In a room, on a canyoned street

On the Isle of Manhattan

On a chilly Day in May.

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What's Right with Life?

I’ve learned that I will not always be the same – and I guess I don’t have to.

After all, how can you stay the same day after day, week after week, with no change in mood or habit? I can’t, maybe I’m too changeable or else I get bored being the same all of the time. So I like to trick people, or surprise them or, myself, maybe both who knows? We’re always changeable I guess, or maybe it’s the weather or how it affects me.

 I’ve learned that I can grow and change, whether it’s permanent or not.

What’s right with life? You never know until you try, or else you’ll never grow.
Try fail, try to fail, try to succeed? Maybe sometimes, maybe; I hope so... And if no, well you do the best you can as you go; Or you fail. Well maybe sometimes people will think so, but so what? Don’t we all sometimes?

Who is a brilliant success always? No one! I know certainly not me. So if you fail or think you do, so what? Besides who cares what others think? Maybe we should do both, so there!!

 Terri Fraczek

“That Lady” by Doris J.

The Black Lady stares, as everyone watches her
Her skin is so cold, yet so tender
Such a smile from ear to ear
You can tell, she has a lot on her mind
She has something to say
And she is not telling
Her dress is green and her hair is covered with a blue wrap
She has all that knowledge safe.

For Me

To write a poem worth reading requires self-disclosure.

Beyond my comfort zone.

Yet it's just me and my little book with pieces of my heart exposed.

I'm okay with knowing all of me because we're all the same I think.

Humans, so complex, full of joy and fear and doubt.

And lots of "if only"s. Although I reject "if only", my mind still dances through that phrase, then quickly moves to this one day ahead.

Sometimes I dwell in bittersweet regret but not for long.

Melancholia is not my style

I prefer thoughts that make me smile.

by Linda G.

Poetry and Creative Writing by 9Muses Members Promotes Recovery and Wellness

Today by Gary Fletcher

Today is the day I ground myself;
Feel connected to the world
I will own the moments of my life
And string these moments into a single day
I will wear this necklace of moments proudly
And share the jewel called today

MIST - Haiku by Wiley Guy

Water Chrystal Is

Light Trapped In Elements

Cooling My Gray Face

This poem was written as a collaborative effort by the Poetry Class. The lesson was on how to mine for words to improve poetry.

Food by The Live Muses Society

Step into the kitchen, and by the nose
remember; sweet scents of dwellings,
Thoughts of comfort to compose.
Memories emerge, like a rivers headspring

Return to family, friends, and home
reunions, thoughts of spring and summer.
In the journey of thought, we do roam,
Recalling aromas that stir distant murmurs

Of sharp spices, savory sauces, like families, jumbled
To sweet holidays, abundant family communion
Visions of loved ones and me, I am warmly humbled
By its invitation, reminding me I am human

Life's Journey invites all of us to the table and eat
Baking and roasting is done, come on over, have a seat.

9Muses by Rebecca Perry - Creative Writing Class 7/18/2016

How wonderful the 9Muses Art Center's programs are. I look forward to coming to 9Muses almost every day. I get tired sometimes but after I am rested I am up and running again. The staff is very friendly and helpful. 9Muses is always nice and clean, the clients are just as nice and friendly as the staff. The activities are out of sight, I just love creating things and using my hands. They did a wonderful thing when they started 9Muses Art Center. I recommend it to everyone that asks me about it. The fact that you can sell your work after you've finished it is fulfilling. The staff helps you sell your work and they don't mind doing it. Three cheers for 9Muses Art Center!

Staying by Wiley Guy

When my soulful self
Is swallowed up by
The deep grey storm
And I am not sure why
My mind and body
Can’t take another beating

I look to heaven
And ask an uncomfortable truth
Why am I staying here?
Why endure?
Why simply why?

I guess I am planted in the world
Due to the seed of hope
Sometimes it is so small
But is so determined to remind me
That along with hope there is a winding path
And I am just plain curious what is just beyond

What Can I Tell You About Me? by Wiley Guy

I laugh,

I make others laugh

but when I go home

There are times

When I cry

I feel a great loss

Both are present within me

Sunrise to moon glow

both are present

and I still live

So for today

I thrive...

My Eyes Have Seen

My heart sings a little song,
That takes me down this wayward pond.

My eyes have seen the likes of few
Who has sung a song of only you.

Few dogs and cats will see this night,
The thoughts I think are just polite.

As autumn leaves fall from fallen trees,
That slowly sink behind the breeze.

We sail as if to meet the moon,
With laughter that found us soon.

Listen as we dare to look,
At this rushing little brook.

Each laid on a steady hand
And in the rush to join this land.

My heart sings a little song

That takes me down this wayward pond.

 by Clarence Smith

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Magnificent Sunrise

The day is everything.

If I get to hear the wind performing its howl for me in my apartment, I am delighted.

Nature's magic has not been wasted on this grain of sand, this day.

by Linda G.

Group Collaboration - Members contribute one sentence at a time to form logical expression.

Member One

I don't care about what I am expected to do. ; I am just going to take the next step. The tomorrows of my life will be what I put into them and I shall not falter.

Member Two

If I do fall into the abyss, I will have no choice, no action to take, therefore; no worry.

Member Three

​I am caught between loving my choices and wishing with all my heart to let go of worries. However, the crooked, creaking door, shaking and spewing dust in different directions tells me that what is behind it is desperate and monstrous.

Member Two

It is when choices become binding that final decisions must be made. The monster in the closet must always be considered.

​Member One

I refuse to be considerate of the monster and yet I know that such acceptance is the best way to disempower it.