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Orchids: By Request April 15th - May 6th, 2016 - The Beauty of Mental Health

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. - Lady Bird Johnson

The exhibit in this gallery is not just images of pretty flowers, it is also a dialogue between the 9Muses family and the community. It is a story of how one person or person’s request became an opportunity to explore a variety of artistic techniques in a variety of styles and for some, an opportunity to exhibit for the first time. The seed for the show began with a request by Dr. Andrea Sciberras, of Sciberras Internal Medicine Inc., Dania Beach who displays 9Muses art pieces in her office. She asked Chris Yoculan, Director of Adult Services, MHA of Southeast Florida, if she could have images of flowers for her practice so that patients could have a calming experience while in the waiting room. Chris brought the request to the Muses. The response was prolific. Members created orchids of many varieties, in different kinds of media and styles.

Some were created from floral still life’s. As Pamela Alaniz, Art Instructor at 9Muses puts it; “The benefit of still life is to be able to see in three dimension highlights and shadows. This helps create a more realistic piece of artwork.”

The show grew, the artists grew; and in a little while, these will grow into the community. Each will share our story through art, to people we may never know but, who may better understand us.


  1. “Wildflowers” by Jeff Silverman
  2. Pale Blossoms by Henry Ber
  3. Moth Orchid by Kathy Garcia
  4. Warm Blossoms by Henry Ber
  5. White Orchids by Katherine Nelson
  6. Orchids in the Afternoon by Lisa Doaring
  7. Orchids in a Row by Maryl Olsen
  8. Black Orchis by Skip Gauvreau
  9. Blue Cymbidium by Skip Gauvreau
  10. Magnolia by Maryl Olsen
  11. Orchestrated Orchids by Rita Rosenblum
  12. Bleeding Heart Orchid by Skip Gauvreau
  13. Coca-Cola Soft Drin Bottle by John McDonald
  14. Bright by Kathy Garcia
  15. Purple Bloom by Doris Schwartz
  16. Sunrise Orchids by Salette Mitchell
  17. Delight by Joan Mashbit
  18. "Impression" by Henry Ber
  19. "Orchid" by Doris Schwartz
  20. "Humming Bird" by Henry Ber



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