The Legacy Series

Victory over HIV  

Peter Cocuzza served as the Fine Arts Director for the Mental Health Associations' 9Muses Art Center from January 1999 until his death in April 2003. The LEGACY Series was gifted to MHA after Peter's death. We are honored to have the opportunity to share his gift with others.
In eloquent words and with exceptional artistic skill, Peter Cocuzza chronicled his descent into the pain and fear of his HIV diagnosis but also his emergence into a place of peace, serenity, and hope for his own future and for that of others similarly afflicted. LEGACY is a journey upon which Peter takes us as his reader/viewer companions. Each canvas tears into our souls as we feel the raw emotion that drives his artist's brush and read, in his own hand, the words that reflect his steps along his path. Replete with symbolism, Cocuzza pulls us into his world step by heart-wrenching step and yet, as we move to the final canvas, we too find the peace that he found, both within himself and his connectedness with those who stood by his side.

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