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2/3/2011 - 5/30/2011

For this quarterly exhibition, our artists were challenged to create work for a somewhat broad and difficult theme, and the results did not disappoint. They interpreted the phrase “a hard pill to swallow” in many different ways. Some chose to illustrate the idea in more abstract terms, expressing ideas of grief, isolation, or depression. Others were more literal, depicting actual pills in their work and, in some cases, actually using pills as material to create art. Much of the work is very personal in nature, illustrating the struggles associated with a daily regimen of medication that many people turn to in order to stabilize their various afflictions. Other work deals with the ubiquitous nature of pills and medication in our society, where it often feels as though pharmaceutical companies are attempting to ram more and more pills down our collective throats. This exhibit seeks to bring to light issues that are faced by the users of prescription medication, as well as the circumstances and situations that drive people to seek their savior in a pill bottle. While there are many benefits to the wide array of different medications available to today's consumers, there are also many alarming questions that our artists seek the answers to. In the end, one is still left to wonder if the masterminds of this drug culture really want to cure anything, or if they are only out to line their pockets. 

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