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Mental Health Drop-In Center

Skill Building:

We recognize that skill development increases an individual's capacity to live, learn, socialize and work more independently and effectively. At the system level, a method of functionally assessing strengths and needs must be made and opportunities for skill development must be made available.

Trauma-informed Care:

We believe that most individuals seeking public behavioral health services have histories of physical and sexual abuse and other types of trauma-inducing experiences. These experiences often lead to psychiatric, substance use, and other co-morbid complex conditions such as chronic health conditions, homelessness, domestic violence issues, as well as contact with the criminal justice system. We believe that with a better collective understanding of trauma, more individuals will find their path to healing and wellness, and with a greater commitment to providing trauma-informed programs and systems for individuals, we lessen and prevent a wide range of health, behavioral health, and social problems for generations to come.


Over 2,000 individuals completed member applications and attended programs at 9MusesArtCenter.
19 different PEER facilitated support groups are hosted at 9Muses weekly.
277 unduplicated individuals participated in individual and group PEER mentoring activities.
17 six-eight week curricula covering diverse art modalities have been executed by staff and members.
306 members engaged in organized coursework following the new curricula.
6,671 Adult Mentoring contract units were delivered over the first 9 months of the current contract year.
2,168 empowerment and training hours were contributed to 9Muses Art Center by 5 different Universities.
642 unduplicated callers were supported by the SETH Line Warm Line.
4,200+ calls were supported by 12 SETH Line volunteers.
More than 2,000 guests attended performances at the Creativity Café.

Program Education


The Membership began a survey committee in the fall of 2010. After more than a year of community investment and Fine Arts displays, 9Muses art center became a refuge for adults with a mental health diagnosis. Education for mental health and wellness are initiated in the 9Muses Art Center's program guidelines.

The Keys to Effective Education

  • Develop new instructional strategies, and assessment tools, to enhance professional development and evaluation
  • Ensure membership participation at every level while safeguarding the program integrity from hidden personal motivators
  • Protect the “drop-In” structure and wellness support members currently receive
  • To exercise an ongoing evaluation process to continually improve the overall quality of Fine Arts Programs currently available at 9Muses Art Center

 Natural Support: 

We value natural community support as an integral part of a system of care that contributes to the desired outcomes. Services and supports must be provided in a person's environment to create and enhance a natural support system. Traditional healing practices shall be used when relevant or possible, and family is defined by function rather than bloodlines.

Peer Support:

We recognize and value the importance of peer support in the recovery and rehabilitation process. We believe that individuals benefit from the availability and access to others who have had similar experiences and familiarity with issues associated with concurrent substance use and psychiatric conditions, and who have first-hand knowledge of the behavioral health and other systems.