Creative Support for Self-Expression

The creative side of the center offers inspiration and technique as peers build a support system. 9Muses' whole health workshops use the artistic imagination as a gateway to recovery, guiding change in negative thoughts and promoting self-care.

The 9Muses staff of certified peer specialists offers assistance to members on an individual basis, helping members to find answers and alternatives while balancing recovery and life issues. Resources for agencies throughout Broward County often help members face difficult issues. These resources are available at Broward Connections website. 

Mentors throughout South Florida volunteer their experience and share expertise with members of 9Muses. A six-week course is offered in a specific area of interest, such as; Oil painting or yoga. Professionals offering various services visit the center on occasion to provide assistance and answer questions concerning navigation within the mental health system. On occasion Broward County agencies stopover and inform members of free assistance with medical and mental health care. The Broward Health Bus, an HIV testing mobile unit comes to the center and offers their services.

Through the years, this organization has held true to its mission of hope and recovery through art and support. Individuals with mental health issues need socialization to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Group interaction is an effective means of self-assessment and offers an opportunity for feedback from others.

Group support in a productive atmosphere gives meaning to the lives of many members of the center. They no longer have to contend with stigma and feelings of hopelessness. Members often guide one another reaching hand over hand to lift their fellow peers up. As time passes the story of life-changing events becomes a common celebration in the center. Members returning to work, reuniting with loved ones, and leading a full life once again. For some, these accomplishments exist for the first time in their lives. Hope returns and their peers are always here for support, if and when problems arise. Members from decades ago still come by and say hello, sit down and relax and share meaningful experiences.

Art is a celebration of the creative process. There is calming energy that settles upon the mind and spirit as one embarks upon the journey of imagination and expression. Once a member becomes a studio artist, 9Muses makes every effort in supporting the member's work, offering guidance and expertise. Along with the center's array of fine arts classes, special projects have included; origami, jewelry, illustration, textile, collage, and sewing.

Self-expression is an individual process. Works of art vary, just as personal experience and interpretation vary. Through this process, members have an opportunity to develop an understanding of one another and expand cultural knowledge within their community. 

There is no prerequisite for attending art classes. People from all backgrounds and different levels of experience enjoy 9Muses fine arts courses. Many times students that have never picked up a paintbrush before attending 9Muses go on to have solo exhibits. It simply takes patience, persistence, and dedication. Others simply enjoy themselves, attending classes when they wish.

Creative Support

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