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Replacing I with WE

Conceptual Minds

Conceptual Minds is a course created in alignment with 9Muses Arts Center Goals and Objectives. Impassioned leaders in neurological wellness, conceptual art, and mental health lead members in an art talk, allowing brilliant minds to freely dance - and speak. It's creatively magical! We:

  • Safeguard the program's integrity
  • Develop new instructional strategies
  • Enhance professional development
  • Ensure membership participation at every level
  • Continually improve the overall quality of our fine arts programs

Each Conceptual Minds class is a space consciously carved for member artists to give their artwork a voice. Artists develop the why behind their creativity and discuss their originality of thought. Instructors walk artists through the process of articulating their point of view and discovering new directions for creativity.

​Activities include:
Exploring the 5W’s at each stage of the creative process
Beginning with the end in mind and walking through the artistic development
Discussing how artists feel within while bringing their creativity out