1/6/2012 - 3/20/2012

9Muses Art Center featured its Collaborative art exhibit, in which members were asked to create artwork with input from at least two 9Muses member artists per piece. They were challenged to work together to create art that expresses a unified concept while blending their own individual artistic styles. Members were given a chance to experience teamwork and social interaction while offering their creative skills to a common goal.


The subject matter in this call for artists varied according to team brainstorming sessions in which each artist offered their ideas for the project and agreed upon the best theme to move forward with. Mediums were also discussed and assistance was given by 9Muses art teachers in regard to various techniques which expanded to an advanced level for some of the participating artists. The concept was then storyboarded with the needed materials in mind. Each artist had the opportunity to add their own materials if desired. The atmosphere created in this call was one of unity and team spirit. The exhibit was one of the most successful in 9Muses Art Center's history.  The work above is signed by each artist in their given group and these pieces have been exhibited in Florida's Correct Care Facility and sold to various art lovers.  

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