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Custom Beads 

Handmade Jewelry

‚ÄčBrittany Hopwood creates beautiful glass bead combinations available for sale at 9Muses Final Friday Seller's Booth.

Brittany began beading at 9Muses and now has her own online shop named "Violstones" on Etsy

9Muses member and treasured volunteer Kathy Garcia has embarked on a special project. She has created beads for handmade jewelry specifically for men that experience mental health issues. The beads are made from decorative paper (gift wrapping, candy boxes, etc.), rolled and sealed for durability and separated by colorful gems and shells. Necklaces were designed with men in mind, featuring color shades of gray and brown.

They are inspired by the National Institute of Mental Health in their effort to raise awareness and support for men that experience symptoms of mental illness. Visit the
National Institute of Mental Health for more information.