Mental Health Drop-In Center

Program staff, volunteers, visiting artists and advanced membership providing mentoring services, in particular, will want to ensure that members remain engaged as we introduce new concepts and skills. Staff teaching intermediate instruction needs to ensure that content retains course integrity and members’ interests. For instance, art classes that do not promote members’ current critical and creative thinking skills; Excessive use of coloring sheets with pre-drawn outlines, patterns to copy or trace, and step-by-step instructions prevents members from exploring and expressing individual ideas, thoughts, and emotions; deters them from solving problems; and may even delay a desire to participate in additional behavioral health, and wellness programs. The standards of membership level focus on the membership's, present capabilities, willingness to learn new skills and a desire to achieve and maintain wellness. When art instruction is aligned with membership standards, the recovery process grows naturally and each day members of 9Muses choose to participate.

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