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Mental Health Drop-In Center

Two New Exciting Classes in 2020

Concept Development
Share ideas about self and others, objects and our environment. Discover the message you want to share in your artwork.

Do exercises to help your creativity. Meditations and brainstorming sessions
Monday 12-1 pm

Goal Setting Group
Set goals - Discover your personal reward system. Experience encouragement, accountability and motivation through group sharing. Discuss the progress you've made. Celebrate milestones.
Wednesdays 2-3 pm

Program staff, volunteers, visiting artists and advanced membership providing mentoring services, in particular, will want to ensure that members remain engaged as we introduce new concepts and skills. Staff teaching intermediate instruction needs to ensure that content retains course integrity and members’ interests. For instance, art classes that do not promote members’ current critical and creative thinking skills; Excessive use of coloring sheets with pre-drawn outlines, patterns to copy or trace, and step-by-step instructions prevents members from exploring and expressing individual ideas, thoughts, and emotions; deters them from solving problems; and may even delay a desire to participate in additional behavioral health, and wellness programs. The standards of membership level focus on the membership's, present capabilities, willingness to learn new skills and a desire to achieve and maintain wellness. When art instruction is aligned with membership standards, the recovery process grows naturally and each day members of 9Muses choose to participate.

Preview Fine Art Classes 

*In accordance with CDC guidelines and to maintain the safety of our consumers, 9Muses Art Center will be closed to the public for the time being. All in-person classes, groups, and events will be postponed for the time being (including “It’s My Life”). Online and virtual alternatives are being developed. Follow us on FaceBook or Twitter for further updates. 

9Muses Art Center has extended Sethline hours from 10AM - 10PM Mon-Fri and 10AM - 5PM Sat. Those who are feeling isolated, lonely, panicked, or just need a friendly voice, are invited to call 954 578-5640
Learn More about the Seth Warmline

We have created a Support Group Page on FaceBook, please feel free to join and post. A peer specialist is available on Facebook Messenger Tues. and Thurs. 6PM - 8PM