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Fun Activities Enjoyed at 9Muses Mental Health Art Center
Nine Muses Art Center Program Sampler

Universities and Agencies enjoy Samplings of 9Muses Fine Arts Program to Promote Mental Health 

"Nine Muse gave us an opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves as a team. We learned about the offerings and activities here. I wish we had this type of facility in all of our areas." Magellan Staff Member

Creating Halloween Masks as a Part of the Wellness Curriculum
Member Displays Halloween Mask

Universities incorporate 9Muses' recovery techniques into their program curriculum for students in the Nursing and Occupational Therapy Program, including a sampling of classes at the art center. If you have a group that would be interested in the 9Muses experience, we are here to help. Supplies are provided enabling participants to fully enjoy some of our program curricula and increase mental health awareness and witness recovery in action.


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Members of Henderson Behavioral Health regularly attend 9Muses Art Center's Program Sampler enjoying dance, creative writing, drawing and watercolor "mini" classes. The sampler may also include Sculpey clay creations and mask painting in which each person is given a mask to paint and take home. It is a fun and rewarding experience for all who participate.

Attendees shared their experience with us:

"I liked dancing very much" - Irena

"I liked them all, I couldn't decide" - Mike

"I liked the writing, clay, and painting" - Kathy

"I had so much fun" - Christine

If you would like to sign up for the 9Muses program experience, contact us direct at 954 746-2055 ext. 108.

Henderson Behavioral Health Members enjoy 9Muses Activities
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