9Muses Art Center

Mental Health Programs and Services

POP - Power of Peers

Florida is 49th in the country for funding mental health programs and treatment services; Therefore the funds allocated must be distributed as effectively as possible so that as many people in need may receive services.  Long term hospitalization is often an effective solution for those that need to be stabilized in a structured environment but also leaves an enormous expense to the State and a treatment that  may increase the risk of recidivism to the person served.

In 2016 Broward Behavioral Health Coalition proposed an initiative to offer additional support to those discharged from the State hospital re-enter their communities successfully. This opportunity was immediately embraced by Broward County Certified Peer Specialists that have received both clinical and practical training for this very purpose. They offer support that no one else can. They have acquired first hand experience in coping with mental health issues and have forged a pathway to recovery despite these` challenges. They possess in depth knowledge of the mental health system and an understanding of the resources necessary to effectively assist those trying to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Our Peer Specialists bring meetings to CSUs (Crisis Stabilization Units) and make contact with people before their release, offering hope and alternatives to patterns of behavior which often lead to re-hospitalization. They also work with individuals as friends and liaisons. The program has proven effective for each person served, throughout Broward County. 9Muses Art Center is very proud of its POP program and the Peer Specialists that have shown dedication and skill in providing these services.

SETH LINE - Mental Health Helpline

It is said that we live as long as we are remembered. Gail and Chuck Stambaugh have assured a legacy for their son Seth and an asset for our community through the Seth Line, created in his memory to provide a supportive listener for people facing the challenges of living with behavioral illnesses. Even during periods of hospitalization, Seth was never far from his caring family. With their support and love, the entire family helped Seth to realize strengths that helped him to move into the community. Shortly after Seth’s passing, the Stambaugh’s were introduced to the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida by community advocate and EPIC honoree Jack Kuhn who sensed that a “match” was possible. How right he was. Gail and Chuck embraced the concept of a warm line to offer the same support that Seth himself enjoyed through family and community friendships. Establishing the warm line was just the first step in the Stambaugh’s efforts. From the line’s inception, they took active roles, pursuing funding, giving generously of themselves, helping to motivate volunteers and serving weekly as Seth Line phone listeners. Gail and Chuck Stambaugh represent family values in the best possible way, not just for their immediate family, but for the extended family that they have adopted and embraced. They are our family and we are proud to celebrate them.

PEER SUPPORT - The 9Muses Community

9Muses Art Center provides support for member's on the premises daily. Staff is available for mentoring and individual skill building using evidence based practices such as; WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Plan). This is a tool popularly used throughout the mental health community that has had proven success in dealing with daily challenges as well as an individual action plan for  facing crisis.