Chamberlain College of Nursing - Student Project

Donna Fox (instructor) for Chamberlain nursing students
thought up a wonderful project for the clinical portion of the 
program's mental health training and with the aid and support of Dina Queen (coordinator); 9muses members enjoyed a course filled with information and pie too. 

The project is named: A.D.P.I.E. a.k.a. Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation.

We thank the students of Chamberlain for doing a wonderful job.  
Gracy Aponte
Nicole Arango 
Justin Bonilla
Cenide Donk
Shameka Meza 
Patricia Prado

See it live on YouTube

Community builds a toolbox  

October 21st, 2016

For twenty years 9Muses Art Center has been in this community to provide place and comfort for people who needed it. A creative place to explore ways to improve life, for people trying to lift themselves from many challenges. And so like any homecoming, any family reunion, this community has come together to produce the show you see today. Production had the energy of an old fashion barn raising. Many different people doing many different activities; the snipping sound of multiple scissors carving through calendars, books and magazines (shredded across the floor): The cries for more glue as they layered image after image onto cardboard boxes.  Many people (instructors and students) were on hand to provide support, advise and listen to frustrated artists trying to figure out how to get things to stick to their boxes. There was also the laughter and chatter of members enjoying the process and commenting on each other’s work.

Wellness Assembly, in short is community in action, modeling the mission of this center, you are invited to take the time, explore the toolboxes not only for what they mean to the members, but also what they mean to you.   

"Welcome to Prune Valley!"
The Artwork of Susan Prowler
“An idea is salvation by imagination” - Frank Lloyd Wright
“The Earth without art is just, Eh" - Andy Warhol

By her nature, Susan Prowler explores the world of the imagination. To her, Prune Valley is not just images; it is a housing development of the mind. In it there are separate neighborhoods complete with different styles of housing. There is a philosophy of lifestyle, as Susan puts it, “This is a community you want to live in, reminiscent of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.” There is one important rule to living there. You have to be nice. In Prune Valley there is even a house that is haunted.

Susan’s work on the wall is a form of conceptual art trending in idealism. The Tate Gallery defines conceptual art as “Art for which the idea (or concept) behind the work is more important than the finished art object.”

The genesis of this project started over a year ago in Pamela Alaniz’s drawing class. Susan recalls, “It took me forever to see how to draw a box, Skip Gauvreau would not give up on showing me different ways to approach it. I left art behind for some time to go to work and when that was done, I came back to the comfort of everyone at 9Muses Art Center. I worked on drawing boxes from every angle and every perspective possible. The boxes turned into buildings, which turned into houses and the city of Prune Valley emerged.”

And so welcome to a dream, to a place of imagination.

Welcome to Prune Valley...

Artwork Created by Skip Gauvreau

It has been a year since Skip Gauvreau had his first solo show and he has been busy.  He is on the Board of Directors for MHA of Southeast Florida as 9Muses Art Center’s member representative, he has participated in health fairs, Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and attended classes to expand his knowledge on mental health issues, and he has performed with the Muses Band in the Creativity Café. As Skip puts it; “I am truly grateful for 9Muses and how it has helped turned my life in a positive direction…I have been able to give back to the community.”

Skip has been busy exploring art too. New media and techniques, including painting in 2D/3D, using molding paste. Learning new techniques in acrylics, watercolors and pastels, expressing what he’s learned in class. “I see the progress I have made. I see things with a different perception. I like to deconstruct what I see and change things around in my work.” All we can say is “WELL DONE!”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Marcia Pinck a long time employee of the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida and invaluable advocate for the mental health community providing education and awareness. 

9Muses Art Center - Final Friday Quarterly Sale

The Quarterly Final Friday Show was preceded by a successful artist's sale. There was a diverse selection of visual arts and specialty items.  People from the community visited 9Muses artists and were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and ability of the artists. 

20 Years of Wellness at 9Muses

Celebrated on Friday October 28th and what a party it was. Members fashioned their fitted togas created at the center and a costume contest was not an easy decision for the judges. Along with great music from our DJ Pat Kennedy, fabulous food and drink were enjoyed by all. 

News and Latest Events - Mental Health through Art and peer support

Adult mental health art center unique works of art sale

Celebrating the work of artist Violet King

Dwight and Paul Williams traveled to Lauderhill, FL from Detroit with videographer Sascha Rybinski of GoodTastic Films to interview Violet King, an artist of 9Muses Art Center for a documentary on PBS. Violet King's work was found by sheer coincidence in a newly purchased storage unit by Dwight Williams. He loved the work so much, he has been promoting Violet's work since.  From left: Paul Williams, Dwight Williams, Sascha Rybinski, Violet King (bottom)

The Art of Seeing

When does the shape of a thing become the object of a thing? When does the curve of an arch become an expansive bridge across a valley or the entrance of a building? For Gallery Muse George Glover, art is looking deeper. "When drawing a chair, I don't see a chair, I see angles and shapes. That is what I paint and what the chair becomes."

George Clover, a native of Pompano Beach, FL, is an artist among artists. "My brothers and I would have contests to see who drew something the best." At home we started watching Bob Ross and other painting instructors on a television series."

Around ten years ago George began coming to the art center where he studied with past art instructors Peter Coccuza and later Shane Weaver. As ceramics instructor Nicole Storrs describes it; "It's all about the physical form, he does both painting and sculpture well. It is interesting how 2d art helps 3d art. When you can create depth of 
surface and light source on a flat surface it shows how depth and light affects a sculpture.

As current art instructor Pam Alaniz describes Georges' work: "He has a unique style. I have watched him perfect his craft over the last four to five years and I am amazed by how beautiful his work is."

George describes his own technique; "In choosing an object, I look for darkness and light, I look for shape. Self Portraits are exercise for the craft of art as physical exercise is for the body. How you see things, the way you see things, which technique you use creates the image."

EYE TEASTERS & EYE PLEASERS – The Artwork of Chris Nervi

Chris Nervi was born at Broward General Hospital in 1951, and has lived in Broward County ever since. Even though his life has had many struggles, he has funneled his experiences into creative expression. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19, he began drawing after he attended his first Anonymous Meeting. He also enjoys inventing and creating. He actually learned wheel throwing after building a home-made kick wheel and is quite a skilled potter and ceramicist whose work includes candle holders, wind chimes, working fountains and an entire chess set. He also enjoys philosophical discussions, especially one-on-one.

Chris is known for his intricate and surreal drawings that often need to be studied for some time before you truly see what’s going on. For his third solo exhibit at 9Muses Art Center, he has created a collection of mandalas and moving illusions he calls “EYE TEASERS & EYE PLEASERS”. The show is divided in half between static images that allow the viewer to see illusory motion, a waving effect, a spinning effect, or an impossible position, due to color contrasts, patterns and shape position. The images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains are the EYE TEASTERS. While the other half is composed of swirling, checkered mandalas that seem to convey emotions via kaleidoscope eyes. These are the EYE PLEASERS. No matter which piece you fall in love with, it is obvious that all of Chris’ art has been crafted with care.

HOPE (Human Occupation through People’s Environments)

Presented by:
Morgan Dowd
Jaclyn Lynch
Karen Rodriguez

HOPE; A mural made of mixed was media presented at 9Muses, collaborated with Occupational Therapist students from South University. The mural represents the eight occupations of human life. Depicted are the activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), work, education, sleep and rest, social participation, leisure and finally play. If you look closely this mural exhibits all eight occupations.

(view slide show for project start to finish)

Holiday Art Sale and Showcase

Lots of fun in the sun and great gifts were admired and sold. This was an opportunity to showcase the work of members and the significant effect of creativity on the mind and body. Members abilities increase, even in those that had no previous experience with art or it's various forms and were convinced that their engagement would prove futile. Giving and sharing for the gift of mental wellness and behavioral health is the ultimate inspiration within this community.

Broward College Nursing Students participate in 9Muses activities.

Broward College RN Students attended a sampling of the center's program on May 3rd, 2017. Each student attended six classes for 15 minutes each. The classes included; Clay, Dance, Watercolor, Creative Writing, Drawing, and Peer Training.

The EPIC Awards May 17th 2017- Gift Basket Drawing - Silent Auction (win a trip to the Bahamas) Music and Food! If you wish to attend, 

Register Here

Nova Southeastern University

Health Professions Division visited the center and engaged members by creating planters with all the necessary materials included. Headed by Max A. Ito, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Occupational Therapy Department: The project was enjoyed by members and added yet another fun activity for participants. Thank you to all of the Nova students for their commitment and creativity.

9Muses Art Center