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Debbie Sperr Art Exhibit
Liz Meyers Art Exhibit
Lois Cleary Art Exhibit


SCHEDULED DAILY ACTIVITIES PROMOTE Social opportunity: Play and interaction with peers, and development of communication skills to increase self directed care and support towards recovery. Intellectual growth: Safe exploration of participating members environment, Opportunity for new experience to challenge the member's curiosity, and use of supplies and materials that stimulate imagination, encourage problem-solving abilities, and increase competence. Emotional growth, and behavioral health through example is provided by support staff building trust between peers, and self-determined wellness plans in participating members.


9MusesArtCenter has developed a comprehensive, well-organized art curriculum to help guide members in their personal path of self expression & recovery through the discovery of the visual arts. Members explore the many ways art contributes to culture and explore the power of art to raise social consciousness by participating in themed exhibits designed to challenge the public’s perception of those with/without a mental health diagnosis. Members who choose to participate in art programs provided at 9Muses begin to develop powerful skills of observation and encourage true appreciation of the role of art in humanity. In addition, art exercises members’ critical and creative thinking processes, helping them articulate and solve problems in multiple ways. Through the study of art and artists of different cultures and historical periods, members gain significant understanding of themselves and others. They learn to view art as a reflection of cultural ideas, beliefs, and social conditions throughout history and expand thinking and verbal skills through critique and review. Our art curricula is member developed with conceptual focus on both creative process and critical thinking to empower individual members to become self-confident, self governing, and contributing members of our community.