9Muses Art Center

Custom Mural 2 feet by 8 feet
Custom Mural 2 feet by 2 feet
Custom Mural 4 feet by 2 feet
Custom Mural 4 foot by 4 foot half sheet
Custom Mural 4 foot by 8 foot full sheet

9MusesArtCenter mural projects

We are very competitive with our pricing, if you have a price in mind (within reason), chances are we can paint something for you. Prices are based on time and materials.

Interior Mural are painted on 3/4" finished plywood and can be mounted directly on the interior wall with wood trim finishing on each piece.

Custom dimensions available for every need - pricing starts at 200.00.

Exterior murals most often require on site execution and begin at $25.00 per square foot.

These are priced on an individual basis and available per request.

Our Muse productions can be seen at:

South Florida State Hospital (Correct Care)

Florida Medical Center

Broward General (Broward Health)